I have been working on this headband on and off for about 6 months, first I made a version that I wasn't very pleased with. But some more thinking and testing, and voila! Turned out awesome :) 

This works well both as a more narrow headband (hairband?) and as a wider and more warming headband (In swedish I'd say hårband and pannband) :) 

There are options for this included to the pattern. 

This is perfect for me who usually is too warm for a beanie, but needs something to cover my ears outside. And it is really pretty and quickly made!

I also recieved my order of zippers for all Biker patterns! I think this is awesome, beacuse you usually can not find these lenghts in stores, and not many high quality and fun/good looking zippers either! 

You will find these at some of my retailers! :)